MM! Episode #04

This episode puts Mio and Tarou on a date! (With the watchful eye by the 2nd Volunteer Club.)

Oh, and while this date is aimed at curing Tarou’s masochism, expect Michiru and co. to intervene and give tips to our piggy-boy.

Let’s start with a picnic trick where Mio feeds her handmade (or I should say, Michiru’s) sandwiches. Take note that it’s all acting!

Also, since Michiru is giving Tarou some date advice like “the ice cream on her cheek” trope, we don’t want to see a Bad End to Tarou’s life.

Oh noes, it’s Tatsukichi in a meganekko maid costume! (How come he could have female breasts that can bounce naturally?)

Still, he’s no match for Mio-sempai and her high-impact kick.

Another obstacle is Yuuno-chan, challenging Mio in a tug of war. However, let’s just say that Yuuno lost because she still has androphobia even after subduing Yoshioka last episode.

And then, it finally concludes it with a wedding ceremony with Mio kissing Tarou…

However, he’s not amused! Top of that, she has a high fever ever since the start of the date. What a fuckin’ bummer!

Well, at least Tarou-kun rushed her to the hospital. Too bad that got a fever afterwards… But hey, he’s lucky that he has his mother and sister taking care of piggy-boy!

As for the result for the date… it’s a failure! Looks like the power of love didn’t cure Tarou’s masochism.

How about black magic for next week! (With a new character…)

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