Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #04

Wow, what a big-ass snowman you got there, Sohara…

Here’s another Mikako-sponsored event! This time, it’s a “boys vs girls” feudal snowball fight filled with strategy, betrayal, and hot springs!

Still, I know which is the losing team… right, Mikako?

Plus, here’s another assassination attempt by Astraea. However, she chickened out when Ikaros appears to save Tomoki. Damn, Astraea should betray the master of Synapse and join Tomoki’s (or rather, Sugata’s) side!

Speaking of Astraea, I wonder why Ei-kun doesn’t have a home to return to? Maybe it’s his past, perhaps? We’ll find out eventually in future episode… (If it has one!)

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