Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episode #03

Since Hotori wants to be a detective someday, here’s a mystery from Moriaki-sensei that must be solved on SoreMachi!

BTW, what’s with all those Van Gogh paintings, does it involve with the plot?

Anyway, Moriaki-sensei has this weird painting (the eyes, BTW) from his grandfather who also gambles aside from painting protraits and landscapes. Some have other theories like having astigmatism or Moriaki’s grandfather is a four-eyed alien. But all of it are incorrect because… (Cue Zetsubou-sensei reaction! Damn, this one never gets old, right Shinbo-sensei…)

This weird portrait is part of a dice, fitting for a gambler like Moriaki’s grandpa! I guess it’s a take that to Moriaki-sensei and a epic win to Hotori Arashiyama! Oh, and it would be weird to use it as decoration…

Oh, and there’s a new character on this episode, and that character looks like a boy. However, it is revealed that Cat Boy is a girl. And top of that. Hotori’s classmate. I wonder why Hotori can remember her classmates in Class A?

Anyways, Hotori has proven herself as an aspiring detective. And she could be an aspiring swordswoman!

Oh wait, that was an omake…

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