Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #04

*ragequit* orz…

After that stand-off from Mr. Kousaka last episode, Kyou-chan and Kirino are back for another episode of OreImo. Unfortunately, Kyou-chan is forced to play an online fighting game as continuation of his “life counseling”. What an orz there, Kyousuke…

BTW, Fumihiko Tachiki voice Mr. Kousaka as well as Gentou Nogizaka from Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, so it’s no wonder his character has similarities to Gentou-san: From hating otaku to aspiring their daughter to be perfect!

Anyways, Kyousuke has received a package from Saori-san full of doujinshi, which is meant for Kirino of course! Now I hope that Kirino would hide it from her friends and-

Oh wait, never mind! Seems that he has no choice but to grab the package away from Kirino’s normal friends.

However, seems that Kyousuke end up grabbing Kirino’s petit breasts and an upskirt to boot, instead of getting her doujin stash and run away to his room.

Although her red-haired friend Kanako Kurusu sees Kyousuke as a pervert, at least Ayase Aragaki understands that it was an accident.

Now on the second half as Kirino will be experiencing her first time at the Summer Comiket, full of itasha cars and most important of all: doujinshi!

Of course, most of the doujinshi are limited so you have to get it first before it run out.

Oh Kirino, looks like getting the SisCalypse Fanbook is hard just like in real-life!

But hey, at least Kuroneko got her hands on that fan-book because she’s good at that game. Now, who’s your bitch now?

Wait, they’re friends so she give that SisCaly Fanbook to Kiririn as a gift…

And just when their time at Big Sight is over, a certain Ayase shows up. What will Kiririn do now that her secret is revealed to her best friend? Damn cliffhangers…

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