Tamayura Episodes #01 & #02

Imagine K-On! without music and replaced by photography, put Ayana Taketatsu in a leading role as a clumsy photographer (not so serious like Hata-san), and you got Tamayura!

An OVA about Fu-chan and her slice-of-life story of photography and friends…

So anyway, this anime could be summed up as very soothing with all the background and music and very moe with all the characters doing cute faces, especially Fu-chan and her capture moments.

Oh, and unlike certain OVAs, Tamayura’s episode is 15-20 minutes long. A bit rare to see a short OVA series like Tamayura.

Yeah, it’s so cute when they’re doing those faces… Still, this OVA series is 4 episodes so it will be finished… next year! Damn, it’s like K-On all over again, but with a soothing feel like Sketchbook.

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