Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #05

Everything is better with fighting bears!

A great start to this episode… And then, there’s Astraea who is trapped and hungry! (Don’t worry, she has food to eat in the second half…)

Anyway, the first half is Sugata and Sohara travelling to Synapse where they found interesting things about this “New World”… expect being caught by Harpies!

Not to worry, he has an escape plan to boot, all thanks to Nymph-chan for that! Oh, and Sugata will be back… “I shall return!”

The second half covers Tomoki’s curiosity over this artifact. (That was the artifact where Sohara accidentally dropped it during their Dive Game at Synapse)

Oh, and he decides to use it on his wrecked Pantsu Robo from Season 1 and revive it. I wonder what new tricks will this new robot has?

Other than flipping skirts, this New Pantsu Robo can turn into a bike and launch a flying panties recon. How awesome is that!

Can Astraea handle that dynamite? I don’t think so…

Even Astraea is powerless with all the flipping and groping from the New Pantsu Robo and Tomoki combined!

Sadly, New Pantsu Robo has to make a sacrifice to save Tomoki from Sohara’s deadly chop! New Pantsu Robo… You were a brother to Tomoki and we’ll miss you.

With this episode over, maybe Sora no Otoshimono: Forte will be back on the plot with the arrival of a new Angeloid!

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