MM! Episode #05

Like I said from last episode, there will be black magic on the 2nd Volunteer Club.

Except that it doesn’t work for getting rid of Tarou’s masochism.

Scouters FTW! Must be Dragonball…

How about an alternative called “science” in the form of little genius Noa Hiiragi! (played by Sayuri Yahagi, whose plays a similar character with a higher IQ!)

Unfortunately, she’s using Tarou for other purpose: Making a world full of perverts… Because she has no friends!

Oh, and it’s too late now!

BTW, Noa’s assistant named Yukinojo Himura (played by Tsubasa Yonaga) should have stopped Noa early from extracting Tarou’s “Hentai Energy” and unleashing its perverted urges across the campus.

Oh, and he should stop collecting some loli pics beforehand… That bastard! At least he gives Tarou some kind of power belt to stop Noa’s pervert domination!

Well, not as planned! Good thing Tarou has Mio to “recharge” his Hentai Energy and become…

Super Do-M, and his power is OVER 9000!!! *breaks scouter*

Don’t forget his pervert-powered Kamehameha to finish up the enemy!

Yeah, Tarou have saved the day (and the girl, too), all thanks to Mio and her sadism.

And while he’s back with his masochism, a shy Noa has given Tarou-kun full of… lilacs? Must be first love for Noa Hiiragi!

Anyway, this episode is so fun to watch on MM!

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  1. AzureRed says:

    Nice parody of DBZ, haha pervert energy?

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