Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #05

Following last episode, Kirino has encountered Ayase at Tokyo Big Sight. What’s more, Ayase-chan is so worried…

…that she has a yandere face saying “you lie!” in the process. All she needs now is Rena Ryuugu’s machete!

Oh, and that’s when Ayase broke her friendship with Kirino upon finding her otaku stash! Poor Kirino-chan…

Yup, Kyou-chan must take responsibility for Kirino’s friends and her otaku life, with the help of his father as he digs more information that otakus are not criminals!

Of course, she still don’t get it on Kirino’s otaku life, making comments on how bad they are…

Remember kids, don’t absolutely believe in mass media, just find out the truth by yourselves!

Fortunately, Kirino has arrived to give Ayase some sense by making up with her, as well as keeping her hobbies because she loves it!

But even with Kirino’s intervention and Kyousuke’s speech on how eroges and h-doujinshi binds these siblings together, Ayase still can’t believe it!

And now she made Kyou-chan a creepy bad guy… What a douchebag she was!

Still, Kirino’s friendship with Ayase are fixed, and Kirino can keep her hobby a secret! “Just as planned!” there, Kyou-chan…

See, it’s all according to keikaku for Kyousuke Kousaka!

Would it be worse if that red-haired girl found out Kirino’s secret, but that’s another story.

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  1. Psycho says:

    Do you have idea which fansub that translate “Just as planned” into “According to keikaku”, lol. I saw it screenshot in forum. Himatsubushi definitely didn’t do that.

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