Yosuga no Sora Episode #05

So after Kazuha’s story comes Akira’s story… Still takes place at the pool where both sisters do “this and that” at the locker room.

Oh, and panty shot!

BTW, it seems that the producers finally bring back Nao-chan… for a brief time.

Anyway, why Haruka is dressed like a farmer? ‘Cause he’s finding Akira’s pendant! (And they’re cute too when they’re young…) Too bad they didn’t find any…

You Haruka… Your wood is growing on Akira! Readers, know what it is: grope, kiss, and hawt bathroom sex!

Back to plot, and this lady is Kazuha’s mother. And she doesn’t give a damn on our sad, lonely Akira after a night of ritual dancing. Still, I hope Akira’s arc will resolve on the next episode…

Oh, and here’s another Motoka omake… and she’s playing mahjong together with Akira, Yahiro-san, and Haruka. Man, I don’t know how Akira’s head gone big.

And here’s a special shot on how Haruka pleases Motoka-san. I wish they included in the original game…

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3 Responses to Yosuga no Sora Episode #05

  1. Psycho says:

    Akira’s head in omake section is bit disgusting for me. Others using super deformed and looks cute. Why they do this at Akira.

  2. jay says:

    do any body know where i can go to watch this with out the white blocks

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