The World God Only Knows Episode #05

Our next target is an idol named Kanon Nakagawa who’s recently won the New Artist award, and gained a number of fans including Elsee.

Not so much for our 2D-loving Capturing God… “Sieg 2D!”, indeed.

Worse of all, Kanon is their classmate. And she’s batshit insane on making Keima into a Kanon fanboy…

…by any damn means! BTW, she’s holding two cat-shaped stun guns. Must be she took it from Otogibana City’s Majorica-chan!

Sure, Keima labels Kanon as a trap (No, not that kind of gender trap…), but she needs to be “captured” and free her from the loose soul…

Or she might disappear and cause Keima and Elsee’s head to be cut off! Anyway, we’ll find out next episode on why she become an idol in the first place.

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