Amagami SS Episode #18

And here’s another episode of Rihocchi.

This time, she fails at ice skating…

And for good measure, a boobie grab by Junichi. No wonder Rihoko’s boobs are like meat buns… only bigger! Nishishishi~!

This pic would be better if Kanae-chan and Rihocchi can do symmetrical docking.

Oh, Junichi… Wise and naughty through the years. And, you notice that loli Rihocchi tries to eat snowflakes… My hunch is that it tastes so bad!

Anyway, Rihoko has some duty to do as a member of the Tea Club. Namely, making amends meet to the Student Council (Poor Ayatsuji…), and assisting guests for the tea party…

…while donning a kimono. And that’s when Junichi got blushed up upon seeing her in a beautiful dress. Oh, and good job Ruriko-kaichou for recruiting him to the club!

Isn’t it sweet that Rihocchi give Junichi a Christmas present, even though he doesn’t have one to his childhood friend. Still, they’re not lovers yet… Maybe next episode!

BTW, for Umehara-kun… He just lost his chance of getting a girlfriend. Poor guy!

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