Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #06

Today’s episode puts Astraea in a high school uniform. And she goes to school… FOR REAL!!!

Aside being “health-checked” by Tomoko-chan, she is joined…

In a quiz event, together (and fail) with Mikako, Sohara, Nymph, and finally…

Tomoki, who almost win the contest if only he could surrender his “manly urges” once. And then he got dropped into a cesspit and Nymph takes the win!

Still not over for these two idiots yet, as both of them engaged in series of duels for becoming the smartest. Unfortunately, Astraea beats Tomo-chan: 26 to 25.

Nah, they’re both idiots anyway…

BTW, this angel who is seen in Tomoki’s dreams is now named Daedalus, who released and sent Ikaros into the surface world. Too bad that she’ll be captured by that damn Master in the effin’ sky!

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