MM! Episode #06

Oh, boy… Looks like Tomoko and Shizuka are in envy mode upon sniffing Tarou’s cellphone.

What could be worse if Yuuno finds out that Tarou-kun has a family of incest-laden nutcracks? (Say, where’s Tarou’s father anyway?)

For now at least before Yuuno meet Tarou’s family, here’s Mio curing Tarou’s masochism… military-style! Hell, she can ride him like a horse.

Oh, and she dressed up as the “Galactic Songstress”. Too bad it’s on Tarou’s dream…

But hey, at least there’s some nurse cosplay service from Yuuno! Way to go, Michiru-sensei. Now on to Tarou’s house…

Wow, they’re acting it cool to Yuuno, even though they want to humiliate her. They even made Tarou’s room full of burly men! (Damn them for snooping Yuuno’s androphobia.)

And here’s the breaking point: When Yuuno and Tarou are alone and about to kiss, the Sado mother-daughter pair intruded them and start arguing who loves Tarou more. *facepalm* Man, they can’t take it anymore, isn’t it?

Still, Yuuno enjoyed it. Having a lively family like Tarou’s family is very soothing to watch than her broken family.

Oh, and how about their punishment for intruding his private life: Costume rape them by Michiru-sensei! Nice idea, Tarou-kun!

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