Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episode #05

Looks like Toshiko has won a movie ticket. But who will join her?

Hiro-kun, perhaps? Nah, she’ll chicken out!

And it’s too late now after an epic landing from the stairs.

In the end, Toshiko decided to stay at the maid cafe and give the ticket to Hotori-san. I guess she’s serious on that meidojutsu thing so much that wearing a loose maid uniform is unacceptable!

The second half starts with kids engaging a duel with monsters at their disposal. Oh, and it’s a children’s card game!

Anyway, the second half revolves around Hotori’s little brother named Takeru-kun, who just got visited by a girl named Eri Isezaki for a date.

Actually, it’s not a date since Takeru is hiding from his friends upon having a “supposedly” girlfriend. It will be worse if he was spotted, Takeru’s childhood life is over!

Well, at least Eri-chan give him a present for today. At least they are now friends… Maybe not for now!

BTW, looks like Yukiko-chan’s dream of becoming a detective is becoming an “almost” reality after finding Hotori’s secret diary. (I don’t get it with the Arashiyama family’s fascination of detectives)

Looks like she’s wise beyond the years… Not yet for a long shot but she could reach it someday unlike Hotori-chan. Well, that’s it for SoreMachi Ep. 05!

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