Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #06

Today’s episode is Kyousuke Kousaka’s plain-looking childhood friend Manami Tamura.

BTW, since this episode takes place at the eve of Halloween, are there any real-life Halloween events in Japan when they do trick or treat?

Yeah, she tries to woo Kyou-chan, but to no avail…

Heck, even Kyou-chan plays along by making a joke on taking a bath together and make Ms. Normal see his hyper weapon!

For those who play Sengoku Rance, you know what that is!

Even with the intrusion of Manami’s grandpa, this doesn’t change the fact that they would do “this and that” since they’re young and have no protection.

But any case, if Kyousuke don’t act now on making Manami his girlfriend (which is impossible), he’ll find out that Ms. Normal is a second-hand childhood friend… as told by Satomi Sato’s other character Aria Shichijou!

Then again, it will not happen to her either. Anyway, it’s a good episode of OreImo this week.

Meanwhile, Kirino is all alone while holding a dakimakura as her companion. Still, no wonder that Manami Tamura can’t be this much moe on this episode of OreImo!

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  1. Andrew says:

    The hyper weapon part cracked me up, way to go Kyosuke xD In most animes guys just get flustered when a girl offers something like that, but he went along with it… haha.

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