MM! Episode #07

Ah, the beach episode… full of bikini hunting, massaging, and Tarou’s training with crabs!?

Oh, and we haven’t seen Tatsukichi around.

BTW, Noa is back, and she wants to play house with Tarou-kun and Yuuno-chan. Still, I wish Yuuno wear it a “naked apron” instead of wearing it along with her bikini.

And we have Noa playing as Tarou’s girlfriend instead of his daughter. (Say, she can go incest with her father BTW!) Not convincing for her loli body, especially when Mio and company have intruded their house play. So what she will do?

Make a medicine that can turn into a mature woman.

However, Yukinojo is not amused!

And so with Mio and Yuuno’s abuse to Tarou, he becomes Super Hella M Saiyan once again.

Still, I think Yukinojo would not survive Tarou’s “Hentai Hyakuretsu Ken”!

He’s already dead… Maybe!

Anyway, at least this beach episode is great. Still, I wish there is more massaging and cosplaying from Mamiya and Michiru, respectively.

PS: Manager is back… Showing off his love for 2D girls! Plus, how come Mamiya is a lesbian to Yuuno when she wants Tatsukichi? Come to think of it, this series is fuck full of strange people.

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