Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episode #06

Well, looks like everyone at Maid Cafe Seaside is celebrating Tatsuno’s birthday, and everybody are having a good time…

Except for Kon-sempai, for which everyone ignores her birthday.

BTW, this is Shizuka Kameidou, the owner of the antique show for which Hotori bought a weird mask for Tatsuno… However, she’s not amused with her present!

Oh, Sanada… You’ve wasted your internet porn stash by deleting it! I bet he’s crying now… Stupid, Hotori-chan for coming in to Sanada’s room and not using his PC because he doesn’t have a scanner!

And since Hotori is such an idiot, she’s immune to common sickness such as cold and fever. No wonder she made a ruckus on trying to play a bass guitar!

It’s so sad, Hotori-chan…

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