Yosuga no Sora Episode #07

Here we go again!

BTW, this post contains naughty materials not safe for children.

So this episode is like Episode 2, but it focuses on Nao and Sora’s route, respectively up to the final episode. And while you’re at it…

There’s a flashback where Haruka got raped by Nao-chan since childhood… and because her parents were arguing that Nao can’t stand it anymore.! God, no wonder he’s no longer a cherry boy from the start.

So anyway, it’s Nao’s route where she needs some healing next episode… even Haruka. Still, Sora hates Nao-chan for raping her brother!

And now, it’s Motoka time. Here it goes: She goes drunk, got picked up by Haruka after being wasted, and rapes him! And then he likes it?

Damn!!! Poor Haruka…

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