Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #08

On this episode, Kirino’s newly-published novel titled “My City” will be adapted into an anime. Looks like Kiririn has won her novel-writing duel with Kuroneko!

However, the story needs to be changed in order to be suitable for anime adaptation as Kirino’s novel was released recently with just a single volume.

No wonder some anime companies displaced to rushed the plot when adapting them, so therefore Kirino Kousaka collapsed after being bombarded with suggestions from the staff.

And that’s where Kyousuke stepped in as Kirino’s proxy, but he couldn’t help his sister at all. Where is your awesomeness as a brother, Kyou-chan?

Perhaps it’s Kuroneko’s saving grace that saved Kiririn’s novel into adaptation decay, as expected from a frustrated veteran novelist! At least she can now enjoy watching her novel animated with having drastic changes… or maybe not.

Anyway, I guess this episode served as a warning to anime producers out there who don’t care about adapting the novel properly!

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