Yosuga no Sora Episode #08

Aww, isn’t it sweet that Nao and Haruka are holding hands. Even Ryouhei can’t believe it….

Anyway, looks like Haruka got caught in the act by Sora-chan! Even though they did it as in the ending sequence, Nao-chan is still a slut to Sora, so there’s no way she will forgive that big-breasted whore.

Oh, and looks like Episode 8 will have a beach scene, full of fanservice girls! Still, Sora can’t come because Nao is there with the gang. But at least it’s a brief scene, so we could focus on the next episode!

To end this post, here’s a Motoka omake where our slutty maid makes a move… at the beach, of all things!

So till next episode, don’t break your nutbladder when fapping.

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