MM! Episode #09

There is a festival held at Sakuramori High where Mio and Tarou spend their time together… while finding a culprit who sent a threat letter.

Oh, and we have found some phobias for that episode: Ghosts for Tarou, Cats for… Mio?

Man, she’s scared on cute things like cats. Kinda ironic that Aya-nyan voices a cat-girl like Nozomi.

Anyway, it turns out that the one who sent the letter is none other than Chairman Kirino Ayasegawa… who also the leader of Mio-sama Fan Club. Wow, even the chairman and her cronies are Mio-holics! Too bad they disbanded it after Mio saved Tarou from finding out his masochism.

Well, at least it was a nice day for the two of them… except for Yuuno! It’s gonna be epic on the next episode…

BTW, there’s a XEBEC cameo in the form of Nadesico. Oh, Manager!

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