Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #10

And now we have Tomoki becoming a reclusive protagonist, turning his bathroom into a room of solitude! Hell, he even made his closet too so he could go “babuu” by being babysitted by Ikaros. (using a remote)

BTW, those pipes? That’s Tomoki’s pet project: the NOZOKI system! Too bad that the girls (except for Ikaros) has to take it out.

Also, why is Ikaros blushing and deleting her memories? It’s not Tomoki’s johnny, but a kiss from him! Anyway, Chaos is back to terrorize Tomoki and the gang as we go into the final stretch.

Oh, and since there’s a movie announced, I hope that they would cover Hiyori’s arc so that some people would stop bitching on AIC’s adaptation problems!

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