Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #10

So instead of killing Kyousuke with a box cutter or a kitchen knife, Ayase Aragaki needs some help of getting her friend a present!

Of course, she just kick him in the face because why not! Actually, Ayase doesn’t like wearing lewd costume for his amazement!

Anyways, this is Kanako Kurusu who appeared as one of Kirino’s friends from Episode 4! She’s sweet and cute…

…except that she’s a bitch from the inside. Nice glasses by the way, Kyou-chan!

So about the present, how about they make Kanako-chan dressed up as Meruru and win the trophy!

Oh yeah, and here’s the voice behind Meruru. This is Kurara Hoshino, who resembles Yukari Tamura.

Damn, she’s doing triple duty on this episode when she voiced Kanako-chan, Meruru, and Kurara-san!

Now let’s go back Kanako as she can pull her off a perfect performance as Meruru. Yeah, do it for your best friend!

But after the contest, Kanako has gone bitchy again that one of the cosplayers named Bridget Evans is scared of her attitude.

Dammit Kanako, you scared the shit out of that poor little girl!

Well at least Ayase got the Meruru trophy so she could give it to her best friend Kirino as a present, which is very nice to hear!

See, she’s loving it! As for Kanako though, I thank her but she has to drop her bitchy attitude to become an idol.

PS: Looks like there’s more episodes of OreImo in the form of DVDs.

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  1. Otaku Surf says:

    Liked this episode, especially Ayase kicking Kyou’s face. Great news on more episodes on DVD. Didn’t think this series was going to end up any good, but it’s surprised me.

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