Amagami SS Episode #23

Um, shouldn’t you two do some of the remaining work on the school festival instead of eating lunch and flirting each other? You’ll get caught by someone else!

Well, it’s too late… Nice job there, bitch!

And that same bitch got a taste of Ayatsuji’s inner bitchiness… in front of her classmates! Now you know why Ayatsuji can’t be defeated. But I’m worried about her pride as the student president.

Anyway, it looks like Tsukasa wants to be with Junichi as her lover. And while they kissed, she got a nosebleed for being too excited. Must be the itchy wind…

So while they are still have to deal with the student festival, next episode will be the last episode of Ayatsuji arc. How will it end up is up to us! (just hope they would start dating after the student festival)

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