Tamayura Episodes #03 & #04

Well, at least Tamayura ended in a heartwarming note. But how did it end this OVA will find out on this post.

Episode 3 goes on a trip with Sayomi and exploring beautiful places, all for a single place where Kou-chan drew it as clue. Of course, they went into a hot spring at the end as fanservice!

And Episode 4 marks the return of Riho-neechan, another round of sightseeing (Wow, Sayomi’s driving skills are on par with Yukari. Except that she did it clean), and while Fu-chan sprained her leg, she finally found that place where his father took her and Kou-chan to see it!

Well, it’s indeed heartwarming to watch, especially with all the scenery that were featured in this anime.

With this anime OVA series now over, I guess it will be bundled up on DVD!

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