Sora no Otoshimono: Forte Episode #11

It’s not the time for peeking girls with wet uniforms, it’s time for the final battle with Chaos!

And she ain’t a loli anymore…

Worst of all, she curbstomped the angels like she’s a love maniac from the asylum! Good thing there’s Tomoki, who happened to save them and turn into his personal angels with an enthusiastic speech. (Including Nymph, who she got her wings back!)

And since they’re now at full power, looks like the tables were turned with Astraea and Ikaros owning Chaos with ease! Well, thanks for the field hack, Nymph.

Although Chaos is very crazy about love, she needs some “true love” from Tomoki! (And lock her up to a deep slumber) She shouldn’t listen to that master from Synapse. He’s a monster!

Anyway, with the battle is now over, maybe the next episode would be a breather one. (and the final episode of Forte)

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