Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #11

Remember, don’t let anyone see your eroge and your porn st-

Dammit, too late for that! Looks like Manami is suspecting Kyou-chan of having a meganekko fetish.

Anyway, time for maids on this episode which includes Kuroneko, complete with cat ears and a tail for extra charm. HHHNNNGGG!!!

See, Kirino is attracted to Kuroneko’s tail. Oh yeah and speaking of Kirino, she gave Kyousuke a present!

But seeing Kirino, apart from wearing a maid uniform, going from “tsun-tsun” to “dere-dere” with a flick of a switch is amazing!

By the way, I wonder who delivered those maid uniforms? Could it be that- Never mind!

One more thing, Kyousuke’s present is an eroge. Seems that Kyousuke’s life counseling is not yet over, huh?

Nah, I think next week will be the last one for now… But at least Kyou-chan is happy and teary-eyed with his gift from his “not so cute” sister!

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