The World God Only Knows Episode #11

That’s unexpected, Shiori just made library into a fortress to protect it from making a media center. (Well, a quarter of it!)

This is the job for Keima and Elsee! Oh, and this would be the last heroine on this series before moving on to the next series in Spring.

Wow, nice entrance, Keima! Of course we could owe Elsee for not being into firetrucks. Of course, he made an arousing speech to Shiori before falling down.

And they got even closer in the dark. (Way to go, chief or whoever you are!) But unfortunately, they’ll die of being crushed by those heavy books if they do something, especially to Shiori when she’s now swallowed into darkness.

But at least Keima can save her from darkness because he’s the light that shines through her inner self! And those books flying… it’s just our imagination! No one can lift them without some psychokinetic powers. (Unless Elsee is pulling those books into the air)

Anyways, Shiori can now speak normally, all thanks to the God of Conquest and his assistant! Of course, she forgot that she’s with Keima the whole time. Now onto the last “breather” episode of TWGOK.

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