Amagami SS Episode #24

It’s the start of the Kibitou High School Festival, which means it’s the final episode… for the Ayatsuji Arc! (because we have another episode next week)

Oh, and it seems that her bitchrep side has died out! What the hell?

C’mon, Junichi! You don’t want to be alone like Umehara-kun… Make your move!

That’s right! Say “I love you!” and tell her that you love her bitchrep side and her current side.

However, Tsukasa is not amused! (Glad that her bitchrep side is back!) Ouch, she’s crying…

But don’t worry, Junichi understands Tsukasa very well until now. And thanks to Takahashi-sensei, they can spend their time alone…

And made their promise to each other! Wow, what a sweet ending that was on par with Haruka Morishima.

See, they’re one happy family! Anyway, now with all the main girls of Amagami are complete, next episode is an one-shot arc of a stalker named Risa Kamizaki… Dammit, she should be extended to 2 episodes. (this includes the Miya arc, as well)

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