Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episode #11

I guess today’s episode is summer at SoreMachi… a bleak summer vacation!

While this episode takes place at summer, this episode features Josephine as the Arashiyama interacts with their raccoon dog. Of course, Hotori playing Josephine would make Moriaki-sensei very pissed of getting late… and not doing good at Math!

What are you shouting “Josephine!” when your dog is inside the house. Hmm, must be having a bad dream!

Also, never ever make Kon-sempai mad, especially how Hotori barged into her apartment without permission. Now you know!

Anyway, while Tattsun fails to flirt at Sanada-kun (Nice cleavage, but you’ll fail until the end), I guess the next episode is the last one. See ya next episode, poko~!

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