Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #12 – Good End

In this last episode, there’s no way Kirino can’t be this sweet… or it’s just that she’s acting weird today!

Not to mention, there’s no way their dad can’t be this serious on stalking his daughter!

On this episode, Kyou-chan is now on his final life counseling session by going to Akihabara to buy the latest eroge for his sister.

But seriously, having Kyousuke lining up in the middle of the night to buy an eroge for Kirino-chan is a bit ridiculous!

Oh, and meeting up with his friend Kouhei Akagi, who has the same predicament as Kyou-chan (except that Akagi’s sister is into yaoi), made even more ridiculous.

Guys, you should line up and buy your respective eroge instead of bickering!

Anyways, Kyousuke bought it for Kirino and that’s the end of his life counseling.

But after buying the latest eroge, Kyou-chan will have to join Kirino and play it. It’s like they’re watching porn together… Sheesh!

Well, looks like his life counseling isn’t over yet!

By the way, this event would make a turn when Kirino shows her album. Will Kyousuke choose to see it or not?

Ultimately, he chose to see it ’cause a nosy brother like him would be curious to see Kirino’s things!

Moving on as Kyousuke found a ticket to America for a summer track training.

Curiously, if Kyou-chan chooses not to see it which contained the ticket, it would be a bad end on Ep. 12.

Still, Kirino got pissed off because Kyousuke doesn’t care about seeing his sister go to America. I think they should at least talk it over, but Kirino left Kyou-chan in bruises!

At least for now, Kirino decided not to go to America and continues Kyousuke’s life counseling sessions. However, life would be different if Kirino goes to the USA in which Kyou-chan would get bored and lonely without her!

So anyway, the ending for the TV run of OreImo is fairly good enough to make ourselves happy for one last time… unless the extra DVDs would contradict this ending.

It’s been a fun ride with Kiririn and her friends! I hope there’s another season with the help of those DVD-exclusive episodes…

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