Amagami SS Episode #25

And now for something completely different…


A Risa arc episode that she’s screwing every heroine on this show!

Not to mention that she’s the one who screwed their meeting place with Makihara (now from Kimikiss’ Kibina High School), believing that she would dump Junichi in front of her friends.

But even though Junichi is hurt two years ago, at least he loved Risa-chan anyway and promised that she would atone for her actions! It would be worse if Risa got rejected… She’ll get yandere over Junichi!

Anyway, Amagami SS could considered experimental on using the Various Heroines format, but at least it works with every heroine got happy ending (except for Rihocchi, who got friend-zoned on focusing her club activities). Even though one of them got changed like Kaoru’s arc ending, at least it presented every arc in a happy note.

Now if only AIC would do a Kimikiss remake… But right now, I’ll wait for Miya Arc next year! Merry Christmas!!!

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