Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru Episode #12

A fountain pen with a magnifying glass? Sounds like a good idea! Except that it’s already been invented…

What’cha gonna do now, Hotori-chan? That fountain pen is so expensive.

Making a detective novel and win the grand prize? A nice idea, but you’ll fail with your shoddy storytelling.

See, Hotori has failed as a novelist… Too bad that she has to die in a unexpected way!

At least it’s not so bad living in Heaven… Not quite happy when everyone on Earth is deeply saddened by Hotori’s death.

Oh, well… Back to Earth from ya, Hotori. With a trap door!!!

And so Sore Machi ended in a weird way… getting killed and back again from the dead! Yet the town continues to become lively and prosperous. I guess SHAFT got this series injected with a bit of LSD on later episodes!

Thank goodness that this series is finished… Chiaki Omigawa, you got me cracked up!

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