The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Glad that I’ve finally finished watching it. HELL… YEAH!!!

Endless Eight, you’re now forgotten! Now where’s my Season 3, and the final novel? (even though I didn’t read any…)

NOTE: Do not read this post if you already read the novel or watch the film adaptation of Disappearance.

Anyway, the movie adaptation of Disappearance has leveled up from the TV Series with orchestra-level soundtrack and top-notch animation for which KyoAni is famous for!

Still, Haruhi kinda resembles Yui with those eyes… Well, we could ask and complain to the Art Director for the character design and such!

Now on to the story… It seems that everybody at North High does not remember Haruhi Suzumiya. Once more, this film adaptation of the fourth novel gives us Ryouko Asakura back from the dead, of all people! I think that girl is up to something…

And we finally saw how Yuki Nagato is so dere-dere to Kyon-kun. (I got heart burns on seeing her blush)

But at least we saw Haruhi later on… (she’s in a different school, but her long hair is back to give us ponytails)

BTW, how the literature club’s PC has Windows 95 installed is beyond my explanation… Maybe the Haruhi Suzumiya series is set in the nineties or they don’t bother upgrading it to Windows 7.

It’s Bamboo Leaf Rhapsody all over again. Of course, Kyon doesn’t want to redo that event… At least we get to see adult Mikuru for the third time! Now back to business where we found out…

That Yuki is the one who caused the alteration of the space-time continuum!? What the… I bet she wants to be with Kyon forever in this modified timeline! Time to choose now, Kyon…

Maybe you choose to be with Haruhi, Kyon… Because it would be boring without her, isn’t it?

Too bad that you got stabbed by Ryouko-san! Dammit, I knew that girl would cause some trouble.

Oh, please don’t die, Kyon! Even you have two Mikurus by your side, please don’t die!!! The next thing we knew that the world is saved…

…all thanks to future Yuki and another Kyon, of all people!? Damn, I guess I got the case of Disappearance Syndrome for repeating some words…

Hey, Kyon! Are you having that Disappearance Syndrome for the duration of your dream? You decide… At least you’re back and well again!

And as for Yuki… We forgive you, even though you have caused the alteration of the space-time continuum!

Final say on this film adaptation: KyoAni made me relieve to days of watching Haruhi Suzumiya with this spectacular film adaptation of the fourth novel! It was the pinnacle of the novel series which I didn’t read, but good thing they give us a brilliant adaptation that not only overshadows the faults on Season 2, but surpassed it!

Kyoto Animation… I forgive you for making this epic Haruhi movie! Now I hope you adapt the remaining light novels.

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