Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode #03

PUT YA GUNZ ON… for Mami Tomoe!!

This episode is all about Mami-sempai as while she has experience when it comes to hunting down witches, her role as a magical girl didn’t go off easily.

You see, Mami Tomoe almost died in a car accident and thanks to Kyubey, her life was saved and that’s why she became a magical girl!

Then again, Mami-sempai fights alone but she’s not gonna be lonely anymore as she has both Madoka and Sayaka at her side.

Now then, it’s time for Mami’s usual routine of hunting down witches in exchange for Grief Seeds! Pretty normal, right?

Not until she encountered a witch named Charlotte, which she was caught off-guard…

…and got NOMNOM’ed by it! Dammit, this can’t be happening!

Even the girls are scared of seeing their mentor die in this gruesome manner. Oh yeah, and I would like to add it up that a staff member named Gen Urobuchi is responsible for writing this series!

Anyways, let’s give Mami Tomoe a moment of silence for her unlimited muskets works, followed by a gun salute! Rest in peace, Miss Mami Tomoe!

Next episode will decide Madoka and Sayaka’s fate of becoming a magical girl.

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