Freezing Episode #03

Oh, Arthur… You’re so sweet towards Ganessa. Too bad that I hate that bitch!


It’s time for Kazuya to befriend Bridget-neesan… again! Well, at least Satellizer is now a bit friendly towards Kazuya.

Too bad that Miyabi interferes and decides to take Kazuya’s cherry! No wonder she’s the “limiter hoarder” of Genetics.

Satellizer doesn’t want him to be touched by anyone. And so another duel ensues until she gets the upper hand by scarring Miyabi’s beautiful face!

Shit’s gonna hit the fan! I guess she’s now pissed, using her three limiters to trapped both of them. Bridget should have escaped that, but she cares on saving Kazuya as well…

Which caused Bridget an opening and receives humiliation from Miyabi. I guess groping her is not enough for you, Miyabi! Oh, and you forgot something very important…

If you humiliate Bridget-neesan, you and your limiters will get a taste of his amazing and untapped Freezing power!

Hell yeah! Who’s your bitch now, Miyabi? Don’t forget that she wrecked your limiters too… Bridget, I guess that’s enough for now! Even President Chiffon is cowered in fear…

With Kazuya’s Freezing abilities is now finally revealed, it seems that everyone will have to take measure on keeping Bridget and Kazuya apart… This is gonna be one hell of a hurdle for those two!

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  1. LOL I like how you put life to the pictures!

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