Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode #04

Meanwhile at Hidamari Apartments, Yuno and Miyako have witnessed that shocking event in Episode 3!

You know this already so I’ll not bother on reminding it. It’s painful to see it again!

Anyways, time for some crying on this episode as Madoka and Sayaka lost Mami-sempai.

Of course while Madoka saw Mami’s death as very important to her, Sayaka has other things to worry about…

You see, this is Sayaka Miki’s friend named Kyousuke Kamijou, who was once a great violist until he was caught in an accident.

Now, Kyousuke felt very frustrated as he can no longer move his left arm, therefore putting his career to an abrupt end. Isn’t it sad?

Oh yeah, here’s Hitomi Shizuki again but it seems that she’s acting weird on this episode. Don’t tell me that she was targeted by a witch?

Not only that, Hitomi was joined by a bunch of depressed people who act like zombies. Shit, this is getting worse!

It’s even worse that Madoka got caught by a witch and now she’s gonna get torn-up by those cut-out monstrosities!

Don’t worry though as Sayaka Miki came to the rescue and defeated the witch. Looks like Kyubey has found a new magical girl! Wait, did Sayaka wish for-

Oh wait, turns out that she wish for Kyousuke’s left arm to be healed so he can play the violin again. How nice of Sayaka!

Then again, there’s another magical girl coming to this town! Just what are you planning on this Kyouko girl, Kyubey?

Anyway, looks like Madoka Kaname is the only one left on becoming a magical girl…

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