Freezing Episode #04

After Miyabi’s massacre by the untouchable queen (who got released from detention), we got Ingrid Bernstein for this episode.

God, will they stop pestering Bridget already…

Unlike the other third years, she wants a fair fight, telling Bridget to get a Limiter within 24 hours… But that’s not a time for Bridget to get one due to her painful past. Oh, Kazuya… You’ll have a hard time defrosting her, even though you’ve disrobed her by accident!

And there she goes… I guess Ingrid is a lot stronger than Miyabi, with her tempest turn and her Pandora Mode that can move when she’s on a Freezing field. Bridget, you need a Limiter badly!

But in the end, Kazuya saves Bridget again… Of course, Genessa is the one who told him about Ingrid’s bloody past. I guess that bitch is useful for providing info on this episode… Then she goes back to her usual self!

Next episode… I don’t think it would be relevant to the plot! But I still watch it.

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