Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode #05

What, are they having a hot girl-on-girl action?

Nope… It’s Sera’s bloodsucking time!

Meanwhile, a new character appears… Don’t know if this character is an enemy or an ally.

Crap, is Ayumu gonna raep Haruna and deflower her?

No, Haruna will kick him good… Anyway, please watch our girls bathing in Ayumu’s bathroom while we go back to our regular blogging!

Now returning shortly…

Now on Kyouko… Wait, did she die at the hands of that serial killer?

What’s this! Why is she has a sword and stabs Ayumu in the back?! Dammit, I knew it…

Kyouko is the serial killer… and a Zombie-Vampire Ninja-Masou Shoujo to boot? That’s fucking overkill!!!

While Delusion Eu-chan is voiced by Chii, I wonder what would happen to Ayumu and his harem of unusual freeloaders on the next episode?

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