Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Episode #06

No, Eu-chan is not the enemy… She’s a necromancer and a Masou Shoujo!

Anyway… Why so crazy, Kyouko!? Do you have Higurashi or Umineko Syndrome?

So how will she kill Kyouko? By the virtue of unspoken words! No wonder saying “Die!” is painful…

Well, that would stay dead forever… Not!

Aww, and Eu-chan got knocked out!

Don’t worry, there’s another Masou Shoujo in the night… And he can break katanas with a single hand!

Still not dead yet after you lost your powers?

Well, Ayumu would chainsaw you good!

Aww, you’re too scared to die, eh? Not a chance, bitch!

And yet he missed… Good thing Ayumu missed his punch or Dai-sensei would kill him for hurting her students.

Oh, crap, I’m not gonna repeat that! It seems that Kyouko will be back… After all, the King of the Night is the one who possessed Kyouko and did all the killings…

But for now… Everything is back to normal! *smile*

Sakura Tange… You’re the best Delusion Eu voice ever!

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