Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode #07

That face… THAT FACE OF EVIL! /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

Remember girls, read the fine print when becoming a magical girl…

Especially when you’re experiencing true pain as Sayaka Miki demonstrates.

Goddammit, I should have joined Madoka’s mom and drink Morning Rescue but no~!

Meanwhile, here’s Homura Akemi… But then again, I don’t think she’ll give Madoka Kaname some good advice other than telling her to get out as she’s not human.

Homura, I think you need to comfort Madoka instead of being a bitch to her! I meanw, she might “grow taller” like Itoshiki-sensei!

Oh look, it’s Kyouko Sakura as she’s getting softer and offers Sayaka apples. On the other hand, Kyouko told her that the reason why she became a magical girl is because her father, who was a pastor, wanted to be heard by everyone with his preaches.

But upon learning the truth, Kyouko’s father committed suicide together with the rest of her family as having her wish granted by Kyubey is similar to having a pact with a devil! Now, Kyouko is the only survivor left…

Oh and BTW, Sayaka threw the apple away which angered Kyouko much. Remember, never throw food or Kyouko might choke a bitch to death!

But that’s the end of Kyouko Sakura’s backstory as her family “grew taller” except for her!

One last thing before we go, Hitomi Shizuku told Sayaka Miki that she loved Kyousuke Kamijou. Fuck, looks like Sayaka…

…has lost the game and became a monster! I think Gen Urobuchi will present us the worst ending in a magical girl anime ever!

Anyways, I’m worried about the next episode now that Sayaka Miki has gone insane!

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