Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode #12 – True End

Since I haven’t touched OreImo after that TV ending, let’s blog something different… It’s the True End of Episode 12!

On the other hand, seeing Kuroneko calling Kyousuke Kousaka as “sempai” is so damn cute!

Anyways, here’s Kyou-chan as he rushes home to deliver the goods for Kirino. It wasn’t exist in the TV version by the way.

Oh, and as for him riding a bike? Kyousuke begged this guy to borrow a bike as the train stations are closed.

Luckily, this person doesn’t mind that as he’ll play the latest eroge on his laptop. You sir are a lifesaver!

And now it’s time for this familiar scene where Kirino is about to show her album.

Except that Kyou-chan chose not to see Kirino’s album. I have a feeling that this episode will have a bad ending!

So instead of showing her album, Kirino shows her medals and explained how she pursued her career in athletics.

But after this conversation with Kyousuke, Kirino Kousaka went away to a track-and-field training camp… IN AMERICA!!!

In any case, Kirino is gone and Kyousuke can’t do about it. On the other hand, there’s no way Kyousuke would be that lonely as he got Kuroneko, Ayase, and even Saori-san. Besides this ending, everything else is the same on the episode.

Anyways, it turns out that OreImo will have 3 more episodes and it’ll not only included in DVDs… it’ll be released on the web.

In any case, let’s wait for the next special episode so we could end this series. Just hoping that AIC and Aniplex don’t end up like SHAFT with regards to their web broadcast of Bakemonogatari’s extra episode!

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