Kimi ni Todoke Season 2 Episode #07

With the school festival is nearing… It seems that Shouta got rejected as well!

It’s so confusing, after his encounter with Sawako!

And in typical fashion, Kurumi bitch-grab Sawako’s cheeks for being misunderstood and disappointed as a rival? Then again… Kurumi is the one who started this mess dating back from Valentine’s Day.

Same goes for Kento-kun, getting punk’d by Yano-chin… I mean, he almost completely ruined Sawako’s relationship with Kazehaya. Also includes blurting out loudly that Kazehaya loves Sawako, which caused a commotion. Stupid Sexy Kent, indeed!

But don’t worry… A bitch-slap from Kurumi would snap him out. Yeah, that takes care of Kent for once!

So anyway… All it needs now is Sawako to make her move for reals! She needs to fix her relationship with Kazehaya on her own!

PS: It seems that Joe has demoted into a character that breaks conversations! Poor guy…

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