Infinite Stratos Episode #08

It’s time for the first round of the interschool IS tournament, and it seems that Bodewig is more than a threat for both Ichika and Charles-tan.

Um, does Laura forget that she has a partner in hand?

Nope, Laura doesn’t care… And it seems that Houki got dispatched quickly as expected! Gee, there goes teamwork.

Anyways, it’s time for a dramatic battle… More like a curbstomp battle to me with Ichika sniping and Charlotte punching Laura! Now that’s what I call teamwork.

Until her IS starts hitting the fan…

And turned into a clone of Chifuyu’s IS that knock Ichika into the ground! Say, what about your arm, Ichika?

Screw the injury, he got willpower and Trans-Am! (also with the help of Charlotte)

And he saved Laura for that monstrosity known as the VT system… Germany, you’re screwed now with your illegal technology! Also Laura, you can’t be like Chifuyu-nee…

Although the tournament is canceled… again, Ichika kept his promise of going out with Houki. Just don’t go into a shopping mall, go to a beach or something!

Speaking of going out with Houki, looks like Charlotte and Ichika are alone… in the men’s public bath house. Damn, what a lucky girl!

Well anyways, at least next episode gives them a rest at the beach!

Why so dere-dere to Ichika, Laura?

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