GOSICK Episode #08

Since we got two fatalities on the last episode, let’s finish this arc with Victorique’s intuition and detective work!

Oh, and we have two mysteries to solve…

First of all, who killed Alan and Raoul? Judging from these random guys’ action of sneaking into the church and dropping the jar into the water in Episode 7. It is revealed that they’re just checking the jar if it real gold or not.

And since they knew that the jar is 100% pure gold, someone will have to claim it alone by killing his rivals. The answer is…

Derek Banks! But having Inspector Grevil into the scene is unnecessary, especially when Victorique has to solve Cordelia’s case on her own. I guess Mildred did it! Who cares, the first case is over. Will Grevil apprehends the suspect and takes the glory?

Not necessary… Since Derek caused a ruckus, the Elder and his men will take care of it. Oh, and I have to mention that Elder Sergius is the king of the village- No, the king of a forgotten kingdom named Seyrun. Total Mind Blown!!!

And finally, Cordelia’s case… I guess I knew it that Harminia is the one who killed Elder Theodore. Even as far as hiding in the grandfather clock and uses coins to distract Elder Theodore.

Nice job Kujo for revealing Harminia’s true nature, since she can’t hide her crazy face!

Now that both cases are solved, looks like Elder Sergius would execute Harminia for her crime, right?

Not quite… Harminia is crazier than before! And not only she burned the whole town, but the bridge as well. Nice job freeing her, Ambrose!

Of course, Ambrose redeemed himself by stopping Harminia from causing more chaos. Sadly, he couldn’t save her… Well, the prophecy has sealed her fate!

Same goes for Kujo-kun… Except that he’s saved by Victorique, of all people! Damn, how could she handle that given to her tiny body? But anyways, Kujo is safe!

However, there are two mysterious people watching the scene. One of them is the red-haired magician from Episode 6 (might be Brian Roscoe, but not sure…), and another one is… Eff, it’s Cordelia Gallo!

So, can Victorique go outside as she pleases now that her mother is cleared from her crimes?

Nope, she doesn’t! WTF!? She did clear her mother’s crime, yet she was suspected of bringing chaos in Seyrun? You blew it, Inspector Grevil. Definitely WTF, indeed!

But no matter… At least Victorique is satisfied of upholding and saving her mother’s pride and honor. Now on to the next episode where we see Victorique’s cute side again!

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