Yumekui Merry Episode #08

Well… at least it has donuts on this episode! You may enjoy it as you want, Merry.

There, there, Engi… You’re having a bad dream again about your sister named Patty and that killer named Pharos Elcles.

Good thing there’s Yui to have you company!

Meanwhile, Isana has decided to become a painter. Just don’t get caught by a Dream Demon!

Also, looks like Yumeji knows Engi’s vesseli. But it seems that she made an apology (as Engi) to him on during their encounter!

However, it looks like they encountered a Clown Dream Demon! Well, you may thank Pharos for his involvement on invading reality.

Anyway, this is gonna be a hard fight for Dreameater Merry and Engi Three-piece… If they would work together on the next episode, that is.

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