Freezing Episode #08

And now for something completely different… Time for us for a Prom Night episode!

Oh, and the rivalry is getting hotter and hotter!!!

In addition to a Prom Night, this episode contains a Pandora Queen beauty pageant contest. Take this current “queen” named Elizabeth, for example! She has a nice body and a charm that can entice every boy in the campus.

Anyway, time for the main event!

Although these girls are beautiful with there almost-revealing outfit, only one of them will stand it out!

Please note, Elizabeth is not this year’s Pandora Queen…

For it was “The Untouchable Queen” that became the winner of this year’s Pandora Queen contest! Way to go, Satellizer-sempai!

Unfortunately, wearing her a even more revealing outfit is unnecessary! Damn you, Atia…

Don’t worry, Kazuya will save you from extreme embarrassment! Now run around…

…and get hitched by yourselves! Well, this extreme fanservice-laden episode is over. And we’re back to fighting again on the next episode!

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