Mitsudomoe Episode #21

And now, we’ll finish this misunderstanding anime with the obligatory final episode!

Speaking of which, you look so cute Hitoha when you’re sick… again.

Our first segment is a handshake and autograph to a Gachi Ranger female cast. However, it might be a worse idea if Yabecchi is around! Looks like you have to hide under the table again, Hitoha.

But thanks to Hitoha’s table hiding, it seems that this voyeur got punk’d by Gachi Ranger fans!

Remember, never mess with otakus against peepers…

Well… Since you stopped that voyeur from snapping Gachi Pink’s panties, I guess you can admit yourself that you’re a Gachi Ranger fan to Yabe-sensei, Hitoha!

But I’m glad that you did it.

Now profess your Gachi Ranger knowledge on your comrade, Hitoha! Just don’t sneeze your autograph from Gachi Pink.

Second segment is another sports festival. Um, are they not allowed on these 6th graders to grow up?

But anyways, they’ll be battling Kaieda-sensei’s Class 6 on a relay race!

But since they can’t rely on Futaba, they’ll do anything to win! ANYTHING TO WIN THIS DAMN RACE!!!

Well, congratulations Class 3 for winning the relay race… and the sports festival!

Now can we get some drinks after winning this contest?

Um… Are you gonna sneak your “eternally 17” joke, Kikuko-san?

Anyway, time to eat some sweet potatoes! Yum… Of course, challenging him for a free potato might not be a great idea.

Well, he did! So, mister… Are you challenging Hitoha on guessing her age for a freebie?

Of course, he won the challenge but…

I forgot to tell you that she’s not gambling on something like a free sweet potato. Maybe next time, mister!

And finally, a look at those cute little Marui triplets before they became obnoxious 6th graders. And this includes “oh so handsome” Daddy Soujirou… Ah, look at the days gone by!

Well, let’s end it here… The Mitsudomoe TV Series! I’ll just sum it up with my final thoughts on the DVD-only episode that was released recently. Maybe I’ll number the OVA episode as Episode 22 or maybe Episode 13.5…

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