Star Driver Episode #21

And now for something completely dangerous… Turning Madoka into a Pokemon!

Seriously… Fusing her with Hegent looks like she’s a Pokemon reject.

Also, we got to see Sakana-chan again… Only in flashbacks!

Dammit, what happened to her?

Anyway, since Madoka is fused with Hegent, it’s 100% fatal when she got hit by Takuto’s Tau Missile.

Unless Wako’s seal kicks in… Well, that takes care of that Madoka bitch! She has dangerous amount of libido.

Since Hegent is now back to normal, you may pierce and take the core with your Tau Missile, Takuto!

Oh, and BTW… Wako decided to be Takuto’s kissing partner in the upcoming play. Now that’s surprising…

For everything else… Takashi quit the Vanishing Age group, and Shingo is still in coma. Although Doctor Silver massaging Shingo’s feet is kinda… gay, but at least Takashi is safe in Kanako’s hands!

Anyway, this is gonna be a long stretch into the finale.

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