Puella Magi Madoka Magica Episode #09

Dammit, we’re too late that Sayaka Miki has died… How the cute magical girl have fallen!

Hell, even Kyouko Sakura couldn’t believe it. Why are so cruel that she wants to punch you, Homura Akemi?

And speaking of the fallen, Madoka Kaname’s rise as the most powerful magical girl is out of the question.

How come you want to use her by turning into a witch and make lots of energy, Kyubey? Fuck you, you’re not welcome into Madoka’s house!

Anyway, Kyouko and Madoka made a risky decision by rescuing Sayaka…

Unfortunately, it didn’t work! I mean, who has the right mind to save someone who already turned into a witch?

Although Homura saves Madoka again, seems that Kyouko sacrificed herself… to join with Sayaka! Well everyone, let’s give a moment of silence to both Sayaka Miki and Kyouko Sakura.

Still, Homura is the only one left to protect the world from the most powerful witch during Walpurgis Night.

What shall we do now as this show is getting depressing that the broadcaster wants it off-air for its grotesque content. Go figure, moral extremists!

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